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Roberto L.

The massage therapy  was relaxing and released all the tension and knots in my muscles. The shoulder massage was deep and completely got rid of my tension headache. 


I enjoyed the background music, which made me relax even more. I felt that the massage therapy room was nice, warm and comfortable.


Marco has an open, honest and approachable manner, which made me feel at ease. He pays attention to detail, even noticing a bruise on my leg and asking me about it.

Antonella I. S.

I really enjoyed my massage with Marco.

He is the best private massage therapist near me in London

I never have the time to relax for a proper message and this gave me the opportunity to relax properly.

I felt great after the massage and it improved my mood and gave me a positive feeling for the rest of the day.


I enjoyed his touch and the atmosphere and particularly appreciated the alternation between deep and soft pressure.


I liked the temperature and environment of Marco’s studio: it was warm and cosy also located near me.

Prathit R.

My experience with Marco was great. I requested a specific environment with soft light and relaxing music, and he agreed without any hesitation.


I enjoyed his professionalism. He took care of me from the beginning and applied deep pressure as requested. 


Marco also provided links for me to follow up on with suggestions for exercise and private massage therapist at home. 


I would totally recommend Marco to my friends and I would definitely come back for other massages.

Simon D.

After a stressful day at work I went to Marco’s studio near central London. He welcomed me and asked if I wanted something to drink.


I completed a consultation form before my treatment and he asked me different questions before and during the massage therapy. I requested a soft massage so he did not use strong pressure. The pressure was enjoyable and at the right level. The towels and other items were clean and had been sterilised before I arrived.


I would happily come back and will recommend Marco to my friends.

Federico D. R.

John P.

Marco was on time and very welcoming at our initial appointment. He introduced himself and explained the treatment beforehand.


He came prepared with the massage table and oils, and set up the treatment area with my own towels. He even played appropriate music to make me feel at ease.


He asked me if I had any injuries and if there was an area I wanted him to focus on. He genuinely made me feel very comfortable from the start to the end of the massage therapy,, checking that I was comfortable throughout.

Marco is a very approachable and sociable person. I felt very calm during my time with him and the massage treatment was great.


While doing the massage he asked for feedback on pressure. He focused a lot on my back, which is an area where I have become quite stiff lately due to working from home.


The temperature of the room was perfect and Marco is very skilled with his hands. He knows how to apply pressure in areas that require it. I would definitely recommend Marco to a friend he is one of the best massage therapists in London.


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